Horgan government fails to grasp the climate crisis

Statement by the Provincial Executive, Communist Party of BC, July 7, 2021 Recent events confirm the view of the Communist Party of BC that the refusal by Premier John Horgan and his NDP government to prioritize action on the deepening climate catastrophe has serious consequences for the people of British […]

Pride 2021 – Time to demand real change, not capitalism with a rainbow face

Statement by the Provincial Executive, Communist Party of BC, June 23, 2021 For the second summer in a row, Pride events across British Columbia are sharply limited by the Covid-19 pandemic, but the growing and diverse Two-Spirit /Lesbian / Gay / Bisexual / Transgender / Intersex / Queer+ movements continue […]

A ban on old-growth logging in B.C. is long overdue

Statement by the Provincial Executive, Communist Party of BC, June 15, 2021 The ongoing arrests at the Fairy Creek watershed emphasize yet again the need to declare a ban on logging in areas of old-growth forests across British Columbia. This step is urgent – time is quickly running out to […]

Mass graves tell the story of exploitation and genocide

Statement by the Communist Party of BC, May 31, 2021 The discovery of 215 children’s bodies buried on the grounds of the Indian Residential School in Kamloops has sparked a wave of deep sorrow and anger across Canada, which has a centuries-old history of committing genocide against Indigenous peoples. As […]

Tell Horgan: HIKE THE RATES!

It’s 2021, and mass poverty is still a reality in British Columbia. Despite some limited reforms under the NDP, almost 160,000 children and youth still live in poor households. And that was before the covid pandemic wiped out thousands of jobs, with the hardest impacts on women, youth, and racialized […]


For immediate release, January 5, 2021 As 2021 begins, the recently re-elected NDP government of British Columbia has slashed the province’s monthly $300 Covid assistance benefits in half. Just before Christmas, the news was released that starting in January, income assistance and disability recipients will receive just $150 per month, […]

Stop the campaign of lies and sabotage against BC communists

This statement from the BC Executive Committee of the Communist Party of Canada is to inform progressive political activists on Vancouver Island and beyond about a relentless and escalating campaign of racist lies, attacks and sabotage against our Party, carried out in recent months by Nanaimo resident Lia Sommer, María […]

Communists expose fraudulent “election posters”

Statement from the Communist Party of BC, Oct. 22, 2020 The Communist Party of BC has denounced a recent rash of fake “communist election posters” being slapped on bus shelters, utility poles, businesses and other spots in several neighbourhoods located in the three Victoria-region electoral districts where the CP-BC has […]