Hands off Venezuela! No support for made in the USA coup d’etat

Revoke recognition of Juan Guaido, Venezuelan coup plotter and self-proclaimed President!

The Communist Party of Canada condemns the Canadian government’s recognition of Juan Guaido, leader of Venezuela’s opposition and self-proclaimed President of Venezuela, as the ‘legitimate’ President of Venezuela; and we condemn the Canadian government’s endorsement of the US call for the Venezuelan military to overthrow the popularly elected and legitimate government of Nicolas Maduro.

We demand that the government and Parliament immediately revoke these statements which are endorsements of illegal and criminal acts of war under the United Nations Charter, and criminal acts of state terrorism against the government and the people of Venezuela.

The Maduro government was democratically and popularly elected in 2018, with international observers reporting a scrupulously fair election process and election result.

That the US, Canada, and the EU do not like the election result and have done everything in their power to undermine the democratically elected government is an open secret.  From external political interference to economic sabotage and manufactured violence, there has been no respite from the outrage of global capitalist governments and corporations at the Bolivarian revolution and the people’s continuous support for it.  Today thousands of Venezuelans took to the streets to support the PSUV government and President Maduro, though this kind of mass public support is never reflected in Canadian TV or media reports.

Now that the plot to overthrow the Venezuelan government is exposed for all to see, the labour and democratic movements and all who care for democracy, sovereignty and the right of nations to self-determination must speak up to demand the US, Canada, and the ultra-right governments of Colombia and Brazil keep their hands off Venezuela, and respect the will of the Venezuelan people as reflected in the 2018 election result.

The Communist Party of Canada gives full support and solidarity to the PSUV government which is defending Venezuela’s sovereignty, independence and right to national self-determination.

What the US, Canada and the EU are allowed to do in Venezuela today, they will do to working people in their own countries tomorrow.

Say NO to Canadian backed coup d’etats against Venezuela!   Say NO to Trump, Trudeau and Freeland!

YES to democracy, sovereignty and self-determination!

Central Executive Committee, Communist Party of Canada