Peter Marcus

Vancouver-Mount Pleasant

Peter Marcus is a retired health care worker and a poet, who has lived in a housing cooperative in Vancouver-Mount Pleasant for many years. He has been active in civic reform movements since the 1970s, including as a former candidate for Park Board, and is well-known as a visible and outspoken advocate for improved public transit and health care. Peter is committed to fight for improving the lives of working class people in Vancouver-Mount Pleasant, as part of the struggle for socialism.

"This constituency has the poorest urban neighbourhood in Canada, the Downtown Eastside, and the situation here and elsewhere is worsening due to the capitalist economic crisis," says Peter. "We need a public housing program, better public social and health services, improved inexpensive public transit and living wage union jobs. We need to preserve and enhance our local industries. We must support our public education system and improve our recreation services. And we must finance this by taxes based on the ability to pay. A vote for a Communist candidate is a vote for a clear alternative to capitalist politics."

Peter Marcus, Vancouver-Mt. Pleasant MLA-candidate, Communist Party of BC