Tyson Strandlund

Esquimalt - Metchosin


When Tyson Strandlund ran in the 2015 federal election for the Communist Party, he was the only candidate in his Victoria riding to take a meaningful position against corporate control of our economy and undermining of democratic institutions. He is an active member of the Party, and the organiser of the local Young Communist League. Now 24, he will complete his B.A. in European History and Slavic Studies in June of this year and start continuing studies in September. He has organised students around the demand for free universal post-secondary  education, such as during last November's pan-Canadian student rallies. Tyson is Metis, and is a fierce advocate of decolonisation and the rights of Indigenous peoples. The Communist Party demands full recognition of inherent indigenous title to all unceded traditional territories, and an end to natural resource extraction projects on indigenous lands without full consultation and approval.

               Politicians in British Columbia are out of touch with the realities of life for regular workers, who face rising costs, stagnant wages, and an out of control housing crisis. The Communist Party has long demanded that the wages of politicians should be tied to the wage of the average worker, and on this issue Tyson is prepared to lead by example.
               “We are in the midst of a profound social, economic, and environmental crisis," he says. "Racist hate groups like the Soldiers of Odin and the KKK are on the rise. Many indigenous communities don’t even have clean drinking water, and corporate greed is literally destroying the planet, and yet these politicians think they are entitled to these obscene salaries. I could never sleep with myself on these terms. This is not what I call leadership.”

               Tyson strives to create significant improvements to the lives of all working people, especially women and LGBTQ12S, who face disproportionate wage gaps, discrimination and violence. The Communist Party is demanding mixed member proportional representation; a $20/hour minimum wage; a massive emergency affordable housing program; a ban on all tar sands extraction projects, including Northern Gateway pipeline and Kinder Morgan expansion, as well as oil tankers on the west coast; and  an Increase in provincial revenues by $2.5 billion annually, by restoring tax rates for the wealthy and corporations to pre-2001 levels.

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