Peter Kerek

Kamloops - North Thompson

Peter Kerek is the Kamloops-North Thompson candidate for the Communist Party of BC. He is a 37-year resident of Kamloops and an Honours Grad of Norkam Secondary. The 43-year-old father of three was active on the Kamloops & District Labour Council for 15 years including twice holding the position of President. He has spent most of his working life in the fields of labour relations, community social services and transportation while also attaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree from UBC and a Bachelor of Journalism Degree from TRU.

Peter is committed to fighting for a just society where the needs of people are placed before the needs of corporations and profit.

“Capitalism remains reliant on institutionalized poverty, hunger, underemployment, unemployment, exploitation and desperation. I am the only candidate in my riding to be fighting for an end to all these social and economic ailments."

"Capitalism has run its course, and, as we’ve seen since the downturn of the international communist movement some 25 years ago, unfettered capitalism has only led to greater and greater hoarding of wealth and an ever-expanding pool of impoverished working people. We’re giving progressives from Kamloops all the way up the North Thompson a chance to finally vote their conscience on May 9.”

The Communist Party of BC has the most progressive platform this election and is calling for significant improvements for the lives of ordinary working class British Columbians including: 100,000 new and renovated social and low income housing units; a mixed member proportional electoral system; a $20 minimum wage; elimination of transit user fees and fares; an increase in social assistance and disability rates by 100% and a demand for the federal government to institute a Guaranteed Minimum Income to lift all people out of poverty.

Here's the link to Peter's recent election interview with the staff of the TRU Student's Union:

Peter’s Twitter is Kerek2017@proletariatkami and email is . Peter is also the Organizer of the Kamloops Club of the Communist Party of Canada and that Club's activities can be followed on Facebook at

Kamloops-North Thompson candidate profile: Peter Kerek (Communist)

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