Tell Horgan: HIKE THE RATES!

It’s 2021, and mass poverty is still a reality in British Columbia. Despite some limited reforms under the NDP, almost 160,000 children and youth still live in poor households. And that was before the covid pandemic wiped out thousands of jobs, with the hardest impacts on women, youth, and racialized communities. Poverty, hunger, homelessness – these are the direct result of capitalism, an economic system based on private ownership. It takes mass pressure by the people to compel governments to take progressive action.

The Communist Party of BC demands:
* Raise the minimum wage to $23/hour indexed to inflation
* Boost income assistance and disability rates to at least $2000/month
* Increase the caps on monthly income earnings
* Remove the shelter portion by having all recipients receive it
* Build low barrier social housing owned by tenants
* Stronger sick leave provisions for all workers in British Columbia