Communists expose fraudulent “election posters”

Statement from the Communist Party of BC, Oct. 22, 2020
The Communist Party of BC has denounced a recent rash of fake “communist election posters” being slapped on bus shelters, utility poles, businesses and other spots in several neighbourhoods located in the three Victoria-region electoral districts where the CP-BC has candidates on the ballot. In response, the CP-BC has called an emergency Election Day protest, at 1:00 pm, Saturday, October 24. The protest will take place at the Spirit of the Republic statue, 499 Belleville St. (at Menzies St.,) near the Legislative Assembly in Victoria. Speakers will include the local Communist candidates and others who condemn this outrageous attack on democracy.
One of the fraudulent posters completely flips the campaign platform of the Communist Party of BC, which calls for strong measures to achieve Indigenous rights, climate justice, and full social, economic and gender equality. The posters shockingly accuse the Communist candidates – all well-known in the Victoria region for their involvement in grassroots struggles around these issues – of advocating misogyny and racism. Another poster claims to be published by the Young Communist League, but absurdly urges voters to support John Horgan, not Tyson Riel Strandlund, the CP-BC candidate in Horgan’s own riding of Langford-Juan de Fuca.
These posters are clearly created and circulated by a secret, unregistered and illegal third party advertising sponsor. Stealing the CP-BC’s name and emblem is a transparent attempt to dupe the public and smear the reputations of the Communist candidates. Since these fabricated images and texts violate the BC Election Act, the CP-BC has asked both Elections BC and the Victoria police service to investigate these criminal acts.
The CP-BC’s Provincial Executive points out that most anti-communist slanders and attacks come from fascist and racist movements, the forces which historically have met the sharpest resistance from Communists and other socialists and political radicals. While the CP-BC does not know the identity of these provocateurs, the fact that this cowardly attack comes during an election campaign in which the Communist candidates have made a very strong and positive public impression may lead in this direction. But the text of the slanders on these fakes could also point to other possible sources. Any members of the public with information on the source of these frauds are asked to contact the Communist Party provincial office, at 604-254-9836,; or Tyson Riel Strandlund, 250-883-7321.