People’s Needs Not Corporate Greed

The Trudeau government was elected  in 2015 after a decade of Conservative austerity and attacks on working people. Four years later, it is clear that Bay street is still in control.

Canada is not meeting carbon emission targets as the government does the bidding of the oil and gas monopolies while trampling Indigenous sovereignty. Living standards continue to decline for the vast majority with stagnating wages, precarious work, sky-high rents, and manufacturing jobs continuing to disappear. Racism has grown along with ultra-right and fascist hate groups with ties to Scheer’s Conservatives and Bernier’s “People’s Party”. Militarism has expanded along with an aggressive foreign policy that is headed in the direction of war.

We need truly left voices in Parliament prepared to rollback corporate power, defend the interests of working people and take urgent and necessary action to avoid the worst of the climate crisis.

Full employment & higher wages      
Tax the corporations & the wealthy    
Slash carbon emissions      
Scrap free trade to save manufacturing jobs, family farms & food sovereignty      
Expand universal social programs including Pharmacare & Childcare    
A massive social housing program      
Expand labour rights    
Nationalize energy, the banks & insurance companies    
Withdraw from NATO      
Scrap “security state” laws    
Self-determination for Indigenous peoples & Quebec    
Full gender & 2S/LGBTIQ equality

Vote Communist!
This election alone won’t solve the huge challenges facing working people. We need to build a powerful and united movement that can win far-reaching reforms through mass political action inside and outside Parliament, to curb corporate power and open the door for socialism and working class power. Voting Communist sends a clear message that another Canada – and a better world – is necessary, urgent and worth fighting for. 

                   Vote Communist, and join us in the struggle for a better future!