Dump the BC Liberals – vote for fundamental change!

The 2017 BC election comes at a crucial moment in human history.

Around the world, capitalist “austerity” means record profits for a handful of billionaires, and cuts to wages, pensions and social programs for working people. Poverty, hunger, and homelessness are growing, while the U.S., Canada, and other NATO allies waste a trillion dollars a year on militarism and war. Climate change is devastating the environment, yet governments delay any serious action to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Far-right politicians like Donald Trump are whipping up racism and hatred, attacking democracy and civil rights, and preparing for new imperialist wars.

Here in BC, during their sixteen years in office, the Liberals have always put the interests of the wealthy elite before the needs of working people, the poor, and the environment. Their tax cuts have transferred billions from the public treasury into the bank accounts of the rich. Meanwhile, funding for schools, health care and social assistance is slashed. The Liberal drive to help resource capital export raw materials continues the colonialist agenda to trample on the inherent rights of indigenous peoples.

On May 9th, it’s time to defeat the Liberals, and to vote for fundamental change, not just a different government in Victoria.

Electing an NDP government or the Greens is not enough to reverse the right-wing policies imposed by the Liberals, and it won’t stop the capitalist assault on workers, Indigenous peoples, women, students, seniors and the environment. We need to unite and build a much broader struggle for a “People’s Alternative”, such as the policies of the Communist Party of BC.

Voting is not the main vehicle for changing the world. But on Election Day, a vote for a Communist candidate is the most powerful statement to demand progressive change. Electing even one Communist to the Legislature would dramatically strengthen the struggle for human and planetary survival, and against capitalist austerity, war, fascism and environmental destruction. In the longer term, Communists call for a socialist economy owned and democratically controlled by the working people, in a world where exploitation, hunger, injustice and war have been replaced by human freedom, social equality, peace, and environmental justice and sustainability. If you agree with our policies, contact us about joining the Communist Party or the Young Communist League.