For immediate release, January 5, 2021 As 2021 begins, the recently re-elected NDP government of British Columbia has slashed the province’s monthly $300 Covid assistance benefits in half. Just before Christmas, the news was released that starting in January, income assistance and disability recipients will receive just $150 per month, […]

Stop the campaign of lies and sabotage against BC communists

This statement from the BC Executive Committee of the Communist Party of Canada is to inform progressive political activists on Vancouver Island and beyond about a relentless and escalating campaign of racist lies, attacks and sabotage against our Party, carried out in recent months by Nanaimo resident Lia Sommer, María […]

Communists expose fraudulent “election posters”

Statement from the Communist Party of BC, Oct. 22, 2020 The Communist Party of BC has denounced a recent rash of fake “communist election posters” being slapped on bus shelters, utility poles, businesses and other spots in several neighbourhoods located in the three Victoria-region electoral districts where the CP-BC has […]


For immediate release, Oct. 20, 2020 The tragic news on Oct. 20 that British Columbia recorded another 127 suspected illicit drug toxicity deaths in September is a siren call for action by all levels of government. The BC Coroners Service reports that the death total for the first nine months […]

“HOUSING IS A HUMAN RIGHT” – Communist Party of BC candidates

For immediate release, Oct. 21, 2020 The spread of street homelessness and unaffordable housing has steadily worsened in British Columbia ever since the 1980s, as governments at all levels promote so-called “market solutions” that turn housing into a source of private profit rather than a basic human right. In the […]

50 years after the October Crisis

Labour, democratic, civil and equality rights in the crosshairs October marks 50 years since the October crisis of 1970, during which PM Pierre Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act, suspended civil and democratic rights across Canada and sent thousands of troops to occupy Quebec. The government’s real purpose for this […]

BC Communists take part in Student Vote 2020

From the Communist Party of BC, October 9, 2020 As part of the campaign leading up to the Oct. 24 provincial election in British Columbia, 850 secondary and elementary schools across the province are taking part in “Student Vote 2020”. Students will each vote for one of the candidates on […]